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 .Teh.Pro.'s Announcement

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PostSubject: .Teh.Pro.'s Announcement   Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:43 am

I am now grounded until further notice, Wtfe will be taking over the wars and anything else, he is incharge of everything as of now. Please keep the clan running smoothly despite me not being active. Goal is a well respected clan and known for it's originality and I wish that you, my follow members, will keep this up and running without me for the meantime. Best of luck.

Also, I have decided to end the tournament and to give Frost761 and Indigo the remaining administration spots. Wtfe is still the only one that can accept, declare, or decline wars, Frost761 is only allowed to declare screen wars IF and only if Wtfe gives him permission.

Warlist: .Teh.Pro., Wtfe, Frost761, Indigo, Hanktankerous, Alex,132, and .Dh0p3.Aim.
All other members may be able to 1v1 or 2v2 for screens ONLY if .Teh.Pro. or Wtfe give them permission. If you have wars please play smart and use ur skills like I know you can use them.

P.S. - I willtry to come on as much as possible.
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.Teh.Pro.'s Announcement
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